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General FAQ's

  • How do I keep my silver jewellery clean?
  • Why do pure metals need to be mixed with other metals?
  • What would be the best carat gold to use for my wedding ring?
  • What type of metals does Satyam Jewellers use?

Diamond FAQ's

  • What is a diamond?
  • Where do diamonds come from?
  • What are the 4C’s?
  • What is an "Ideal Cut"?
  • How does a diamond get from the mines to the stores?
  • Is a diamond a good investment?
  • What is the difference between a "certified diamond" and a "non-certified diamond"?

Gemstone FAQs

  • What is a gemstone?
  • What is the difference between precious and semi-precious gemstones?
  • Does New Zealand have any gemstones?
  • What stones does Satyam Jewellers use in its jewellery?
  • Would a sapphire be OK to wear every day?
  • Can I have my damaged/worn stone made to look new again?
  • What are the birthstones?
  • What happens if my new piece of jewellery isn't the right size?